Focus Areas

Rotary Coimbatore Central has taken strides in every avenue of service in the last 41 years. We aim to empower the society by service.

Our Focus areas include Health, Shelter, Youth and Environment.

These focus areas form the backbone of the human ecosystem. Enjoy a book of ra kostenlos ohne anmeldung sofort spielen


Health is everything. More than Wealth; More than any other material things in Life. Rotary Coimbatore Central has helped establish many projects in the field of Health Care and has created lasting impact in the city of Coimbatore in South India. Some of our projects include

  • Providing Medical Equipment such as Ventilators, State of the art surgical instruments and many other Facilities to Government Hospitals and Private Institutions.
  • Organizing Polio Drives, Vaccination Programs for Cervical Cancer and Health Awareness Programs.
  • Gift of Vision, A longstanding project for ophthalmology patients in collaboration with Sankara Eye Hospitals.
  • Projects focused on Spine Care and Accidental Trauma in collaboration with Ganga Hospitals.
  • Supporting The Juvenile Diabetic Centre – A special centre set up by Kovai Medical Centre and Hospitals.


Home is everything. Whether a bad day at work or a promotion at job.
The first thing that comes to the mind is getting home.
Our homes are our biggest comfort zones.

It becomes imperative to help the needy build theirs.

Rotary Coimbatore Central has always kept its best foot forward when it comes to shelter. With construction of hundreds of houses over the years, We have impacted the lives of generations.

We have also lend our hand towards the construction of hundreds of Toilet blocks for schools, homes and the public.

Some projects include,


Rotary Coimbatore Central has always aimed to provide support to children and youth of the country. After all,

Yesterdays children are Todays Youth And Todays Youth Steer the Nation Forward.
Our classroom construction projects, health awareness projects, education projects, community projects and impact drives help children realize their potential and guide them in the right direction.

Our vocational programs for women and youth empowerment programs have helped thousands of youth stand on their feet and raise an independent family.

This has contributed to nation building and creating a better future.

Special Projects

Rotary Coimbatore Central has provided special emphasis on special children.

We believe in improving the life of special children in every possible way.

Our projects over the years have helped these children navigate through their lives in a comfortable way. We deep dive into their lives along with the best people in the field to analyze how our work can be of support to them.

Construction of toilet block at a special school was overseen by the best architects of the country and designed innovatively keeping tens of attributes in mind.

Many such projects have been organized over the course of the years.


Rotary Coimbatore Central believes in its duty in leaving behind a better and a habitable environment for its future generation. With climate change and seasonal calamities, Environmental projects are the need of the hour.

Our club has focused on environment right from the beginning and planted more than 1,00,000 saplings in the Tamil Nadu area.

Water scarcity is a major issue driving nations into a jeopardy. We have undertaken projects such as project lily to navigate this crisis.

Under this project Rotary Coimbatore Central in association with Siruthuli has rejuvenated Kolarampathy Tank in the outskirts of Coimbatore in South India.