• Under The Gift of Vision project with Sankara Eye Hospitals.
  • Spine Care with Ganga Hospitals

  • Medical screenings with GKNM Hospitals.

  • Juvenile Diabetic Centre with KMCH Hospitals

  • Adoption of villages

  • Construction of Classrooms.

  • Housing Projects for the needy.

  • Construction of Toilet Blocks.

  • Landmark Polio Eradication Program

  • One of a kind HPV Vaccination Program.

Focus Areas

Rotary Coimbatore Central has taken strides in every avenue of service in the last 41 years. We aim to empower the society by service.

Our Focus areas include Health, Shelter, Youth and Environment.

These focus areas form the backbone of the human ecosystem.


Health is everything. More than Wealth; More than any other material…..

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Home is everything. Whether a bad day at work or a promotion at job…

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Rotary Coimbatore Central has always aimed to provide support to children….

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Rotary Coimbatore Central believes in its duty in leaving behind a better…..

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